Lisa Goldberg/Revson Scholars at Macaulay Honors College

Revson’s late president, Lisa Goldberg, cared deeply about public service and creating opportunities for young people. In 2009, the Foundation established the Lisa Goldberg/Revson Scholars program at Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York. This program provides financial support to Macaulay students dedicated to serving the public good, with a special emphasis on the New York City community.

Goldberg/Revson Scholar Colby Minifie in Uganda

Goldberg/Revson Scholar Colby Minifie in Uganda

Those awarded Lisa Goldberg/Revson Scholarships receive support through Macaulay’s Opportunities Fund, enabling students to explore interests and pursue passions that might otherwise be precluded by cost. Lisa Goldberg/Revson Scholars can apply their funds to a wide range of activities in New York City and beyond, including: study abroad, internships, independent research, conferences, national/international volunteering, preparation courses and/or fees for standardized tests, and graduate school applications. This award allows students to broaden the scope of their learning and link their academic experiences to their future lives and careers.Macaulay graduates are well-represented among the winners of the most prestigious national and international awards, including the Rhodes Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship, Mitchell Scholarship, National Science Foundation Fellowship, Goldwater Scholarship, Fulbright Fellowship, Truman Scholarship and New York City Urban Fellowship. In 2012, Lisa Goldberg/Revson Scholars were honored with a Goldwater Scholarship, a Truman Scholarship, and a Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship.

All Lisa Goldberg/Revson Scholars are invited to attend an annual dinner with Revson Foundation board members and staff. The dinner features a keynote speaker who is prominent in New York City public service. Past speakers have included Kate Levin, City Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, and Richard Ravitch, former Lieutenant Governor of New York.

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