The Education program supports institutions and projects that seek to provide broad access to knowledge, information, and resources that sustain an informed and engaged citizenry.

Areas of focus include supporting innovation in access to digital and online materials in public libraries, bolstering the financial and editorial capacities of ethnic and community news publications, encouraging the education and participation of students as discerning readers of news media, and strengthening college and postgraduate fellows who are pursuing careers in the public interest.

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Featured Project: Lisa Goldberg/Revson Foundation Scholars at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

Lisa Goldberg dedicated her life to public service and believed strongly in the importance of ‘betting on people,’ especially talented young people. By providing critical scholarship support to promising new journalists, the Lisa Goldberg/Revson Foundation Scholars program at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY honors Lisa’s legacy. Since the Foundation established the program in 2018, 30 Lisa Goldberg/Revson Foundation Scholars have gone on to work in journalism.

Each year, the Revson Foundation supports partial or full scholarships to graduate students who are from first-generation immigrant families, and/or communities of color, and/or who express interest in public service journalism. The need for financial assistance far exceeds the supply at the Newmark J-School. About 75% of the class of 2021 receive some type of financial aid. Faced with the prospect of borrowing and then having to make loan payments while getting started in the modestly scaled but critically important journalism industry students may opt to avoid that challenge. The Lisa Goldberg/Revson Foundation Scholars program provides students with the opportunity to pursue their journalism education and helps to cultivate the next generation of diverse, public service oriented, great journalists.