13 Local News Stories and Series That Made a Difference in 2019

MEDIUM — December 16, 2019 — These pieces highlight the best of collaborative journalism, community engagement and national-local partnerships

This selection of 13 local stories that made a difference in 2019 highlight the strategies that can help local journalism both survive and thrive. For example, a partnership between a smaller newsroom and a larger one (as in ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network) can help bring resources to smaller newsrooms to tell complicated, in-depth stories in an extended time frame. And collaborations between multiple stakeholders and reporting partners can help boost the impact of a story and ensure it reaches audiences where they are.

These stories also include alternative reporting approaches, such as solutions journalism and restorative narratives, to help attract more local attention and civic engagement. And in many cases the initial stories led to follow-ups and even longer series that created extended interest and impact in the community and beyond. And the stories come from a mix of different kinds of news organizations, including a for-profit newspaper, nonprofit investigative journalism outlet, radio/podcast producer and collaboratives with multiple partners.

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