6 Ways Local News Makes a Crucial Impact Covering COVID-19

MEDIUM — April 20, 2020 — During the pandemic, local news publishers and journalists have become essential sources of trusted information

The horrific spread of the novel coronavirus across America has prompted an outpouring of questions from confused citizens in communities who need answers. What will happen to the most vulnerable among us? Where can I get food? How many hospitalizations have there been in my neighborhood? How do I support people who need help? And time and time again, local news organizations have been there to answer those questions with dedicated coverage of COVID-19 (often without a paywall), with reporters literally on the front lines of the crisis.

Yes, the local news business has taken a big hit with the loss of advertising, but public service journalism is also proving its worth more than ever. A world without local journalists means a world without important life-saving information. And that’s more clear now when people depend on information about how to stay safe in their communities, where to get food and how to apply for government programs.

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