Revson Grantee, THE CITY receives Punch Sulzberger Innovator of the Year Award

NEWS LEADERS ASSOCIATION — April 5, 2021 — The Revson Foundation is proud to support THE CITY, a new nonprofit news organization, who received the Punch Sulzberger Innovator of the Year Award.

Staff at THE CITY with Columbia Journalism School and the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY win the Punch Sulzberger Innovator of the Year Award, which recognizes innovation by a news organization in providing value and service that advances its mission. Sponsored by The New York Times, this award is dedicated to the memory of former publisher Arthur Ochs “Punch” Sulzberger.

Winning Work: “Missing Them

This profoundly human journalism project was well executed, relevant and replicable in different contexts. The project gives a sense of how much the city of New York has lost with the pandemic. “Missing Them” turned the traditional obituary concept to place the audience at the center of the journalism, telling stories from people in communities that no other media organization was covering this way and presenting in a comprehensive way. Judges agreed that “Missing Them” was a sensible idea to put a face to the tragedy, simple yet very human and direct. Community outreach as a result of the reporting brought additional importance to the project. Also, partnerships with Columbia and CUNY journalism schools to cover more ground show the drive of THE CITY for innovation, when crisis reporting seems like an impossible endeavor.

Finalist: “” by City Bureau staff

This project definitely pushes the boundaries of the traditional methodology, format and structure by which journalism is produced. It challenges the notions of who should have the power to report what happens, and it does in a very structured and simple way, and there is its innovation. The project has already proved its concept and provides oversight and public service journalism to places where accountability is much needed. Its expansion to more cities in the past two years shows this is a replicable model.

Finalist: “The Truth in Black and White” by Kansas City Star staff

This project presents what local media can do when time for reparations of any kind is called for. The responsibility of the media in the context of social justice debates should not be evaded and this was a decisive and affirmative way to take a stand and mark a milestone in the history of this newspaper. The actions taken as a result of the investigation were convincing and provide a model for other news organizations.

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