The Three Vs for Voter Engagement: Validators, Volunteers and Visibility

GOTHAM GAZETTE — August 26, 2022 — In this week’s late August primary, the second primary this summer in New York, voter turnout barely cracked ten percent in New York City. The first primary of the summer, in June, saw turnout drop by nearly half from four years ago. At the same time, nationally, concern about the future of democracy in the United States is at fever pitch. In 2021, for the first time, the US was added to an annual list of “backsliding” democracies – compiled by the International IDEA think tank. If our democracy is in peril, why aren’t New Yorkers voting like their rights depended on it?

In fact, within the seeming disconnect is a key part of the solution: building our democracy back up from the roots. From the block, to the neighborhood, to the city, and beyond.

GoVoteNYC, a collaborative of more than a dozen foundations and donors committed to nonpartisan activity to strengthen democracy in New York City, is an eager contributor to this work. GoVoteNYC supports nonprofit partners that are deploying both creative new ideas and  proven approaches to reach voters, many of whom have not voted in the past or are typically overlooked in the democratic process.

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