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NEW YORK TIMES—November 29, 2022—[…]Take Greg Smith, a reporter for a local nonprofit news organization in New York called The City, which I have donated to. At 5 p.m. on the Friday before Labor Day, he got a text from a source at New York’s public housing authority. The drinking water in a large public housing complex in Manhattan had tested positive for arsenic, and city officials had known about it for two weeks. It was only after Smith asked the housing authority and City Hall for comment on his scoop that the city hustled to provide bottled water to the thousands of tenants living in the complex.

Getting immediate results like this is part of what drew Richard Kim to leave the high-powered world of national media to become editor in chief of The City. He had been the executive editor of HuffPost, and before that, of The Nation. He and I worked together when I was editor in chief of HuffPost, and we often bemoaned how hard it was to make a real and direct difference with our reporting.

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