Jewish Life

The Jewish Life Program seeks to improve social and economic outcomes for communities in Israel and North America. We focus on building capacity in under-resourced fields, like civic service and urban planning in Israel and Jewish chaplaincy in North America, and to develop courageous leadership. In North America, the communities we support include Muslims and Jews together and Jewish students at the City University of New York.

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Featured Project: Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP)

Effective urban planning contributes to closing health and welfare disparities between Arab and Jewish Israelis. ACAP is a resource for both Arab authorities and the Israeli government on planning issues in Arab municipalities, including land use, housing, and urban development.

As part of its work, ACAP strengthens the professional capacities of local Arab authorities. With Revson’s support, ACAP will develop and lead programming for the Rothschild Cadets for Local Government placed in Arab municipalities. The Rothschild Cadets program trains talented young Israelis to work in Jewish and Arab municipalities in Israel’s periphery.  Programming will focus on planning and development challenges unique to the Arab sector and will include opportunities for Cadets to use new skills and knowledge to address needs in their placements with professional mentorship and peer support.

In addition, Revson supports ACAP’s work to implement Israel’s unprecedented investment in Israel’s Arab sector: General Resolution 922 and its successor General Resolution 550.