Jewish Life

The Jewish Life Program seeks to improve social and economic outcomes for communities in Israel and North America. We focus on building capacity in under-resourced fields, like civic service and urban planning in Israel and Jewish chaplaincy in North America, and to develop courageous leadership. In North America, the communities we support include Muslims and Jews together and Jewish students at the City University of New York.

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Featured Project: Chaplaincy Innovation Lab at Brandeis University

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab brings together leaders in education, social science, religious history, clinical education, and professional chaplaincy to explore the work of chaplains as a professional group in light of broader changes in religious demographics. With Revson support, the Lab is mapping Jewish chaplaincy to understand and build Jewish chaplaincy as a field and support the strategic vision and practical innovation that will enable Jewish chaplains to do their work most effectively into the future. The mapping takes a broad view of Jewish chaplaincy and includes the healthcare, higher education, prison, and military sectors.